In the 2020/2021 business year, the company’s product portfolio consisted of 634 products

A Decade-Long Commitment to the Treatment of Cancer

We have commemorated World Cancer Day.


Egis Strengthens European Presence in the Biosimilar Area

Hungarian-based Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Mundipharma network for a pegfilgrastim biosimilar. Pursuant to the agreement, Egis gains the exclusive distribution rights related to the medicine used to reduce a common side effect of cancer treatment called neutropenia and the related life-threatening infections. Thus, Egis gets the opportunity to launch this pegfilgrastim biosimilar product in four Eastern European countries.


A Journey to the Empire of Health: Focusing on Children

This March marks the official start of the Hungarian Nationwide Public Health Screening Program’s special campaign: the new initiative focuses on children’s health.


To Lead a Long and Healthy Life

Health means more than just the lack of illnesses.

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