Research & Development

Innovation is one of the pillars of our strategy. We devote more than EUR 45 million to research and development.

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Research & Development

One of the fundamental pillars of our strategy is innovation. We devote more than EUR 45 million yearly to research and development.

Research and development are of significant importance in our strategy; our company considers continuous renewal and innovation one of our core values. 

At a regional level, we spend an outstanding amount of more than EUR 45 million per year on generic development. This sum accounts for about 8% of our turnover. The main goal of our generic active ingredient development is to elaborate a novel manufacturing process that is favourable in terms of technology and patenting. The novel method can be another synthesis pathway or the optimization of an already existing one. We focus our product development activities on the development of medicines which provide added value for patients, combined with therapeutic solutions available on the market.


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